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  • 11/4/15 - Town Council Meeting 7pm
  • 11/5/15 - Land Use Meeting 7pm
  • 11/16/15 - SID Meeting 
  • 11/17/15 - Land Use Meeting 7pm
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For You Information

Did you know that before you cut down any trees on your property you need a Tree Removal Permit.

Did you know that before you make changes to your driveway you need a Driveway Permit.


Town Council Meetings will be broadcast on Verizon FIOS Channel 45, and Cablevision Channel 21, Wednesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 4pm.



East Hanover's Updated ERI Staying in Front of Environmental Awareness

Environmental Resource Inventory Update June 2013

Keeping Food Safe After a Natural Disaster or Power Outage

2015 Water Quality Report

Solutions to Stormwater Pollution

Whippany River Watershed Action Committee


Township of East Hanover RFQ and Proposals

                   For information click here, and full document click here


Notice of Tax Sale


Laborer Position, East Hanover Employment Opportunity


Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show


Public Auction Sale of Personal Property Not Needed For Public Use


Consider Joining the Senior Citizens


FEMA and Emergency Management Information

If you require additional information during emergencies click on the the link above.  It will give you information for the Office of Emergency Management and FEMA.


Leaf Pickup Schedule


Indoor Water Conservation Tips






Posted: 11/04/15

Town Council Meeting 11/05/15

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